Transfer looks to transition to major league

As the only senior to have attended two different colleges before deciding to play as a Horned Frog, Keith Conlon has had some experiences that none of his teammates can match.Before coming to TCU in 2005, Conlon red-shirted at Oral Roberts University and played one season at Weatherford Junior College.

“The baseball was good, but the school wasn’t what I was looking for,” outfielder Conlon said about Oral Roberts. “I learned a lot and became a better player there.”

Weatherford gave Conlon an opportunity to show off his skills to another audience.

“I knew that TCU would be a great opportunity and since I was so close that the coaches got to see me play,” Conlon said. “Weatherford was a springboard from Oral Roberts to here.”

He didn’t hold anything back playing for the WJC Coyotes, finishing his freshman season with a .400 batting average and five homeruns.

Along with playing well at TCU, he has improved in other areas since transferring, head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle said.

“He has really matured a lot,” Schlossnagle said. “He has really improved his mental game and his ability to overcome adversity.”

Conlon has hit over .300 in all three of his seasons at TCU. He is hitting .391 this season in 36 appearances.

“It means I have been able to produce in games and have been consistent as a hitter,” Conlon said, about his batting average. “It shows all the hard work and what the coaches have taught me.”

Senior pitcher Chase Perry said Conlon has made a big impact on the team, especially to the newer players.

“I think he is one of the main guys that the younger guys look to because he has been here longer and he knows the right way to do things,” Perry said.

Perry, who rooms with Conlon on road trips, said the outfielder stays out of trouble off the field.

“Other than getting as mad as he can, yelling and going crazy during the game when he gets fired up, we really don’t have anything on him,” Perry said. “We try to come up with stuff on everybody, but we will get to Keith and everyone will be like ‘man we don’t have anything on this guy.'”

Staying out of trouble might help Conlon achieve one of his biggest dreams.

“It is my goal to play pro baseball,” Conlon said.

He said his draft status is up in the air right now due to a current knee injury, but he doesn’t think that will stop him in the long run.

“Hopefully I will recover from this knee injury and play in the minors someday and just go from there,” Conlon said. “If I have a chance to sign a free agent contact I could do that too.”

Schlossnagle said Conlon has what it takes to play at the next level.

“He has a lot of things that pro scouts look for,” Schlossnagle said. “He can hit, hit with power, run, is a good defender and he has a good arm. He has the tools to become a successful pro player; it is just a matter of if he produces.