Going green not just new fad

Over the years, student consciousness toward the environment has fluctuated from low, to very low and back up to mediocre. It has never been something to brag about, especially since January when a national survey of 100 universities rated TCU as having a “D” in its recycling practices.Until this sub-par grade was issued, very few visible changes have been made to campus. Recently the Styrofoam cups in The Main have been replaced with biodegradable cups and organic straws.

Yes, students should be applauded for wanting these eco-friendly changes, and yes students did make a motion for the Styrofoam cups to go the way of the dinosaurs. This activism on the part of students demonstrates just how much the conservative student stereotype is rapidly changing.

Not to be outdone, the Tom Brown Pete Wright apartments recently installed recycling bins because of RAs pushing for TCU to be a little more eco-conscious.

These changes, although minor, show students are more considerate of how they live their lives. The next logical step would be to see a universal recycling program in all the dorms on campus to go along with this newfound student activism.

The administration has stated several times that events like RecycleMania held last January would promote positive discussion about leaving a sustainable environmental footprint. Hopefully, with the implementation of the walking campus, students will keep this activist spirit alive and not let it fade away as the classes change.

With all these changes the university is showing its willingness to listen to what students want to have. Hopefully this is just the beginning of more changes to come and not a passing fad. The time to change and walk into a greener future is now.

Photo editor Michael Bou-Nacklie for the editorial board.