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New admissions Web site aims to interact

The university’s billboards that went up Saturday advertise a new slogan, “Ahead of the curve,” and the marketing and communication department aimed for that mark when it designed the new admissions Web site.With a tentative launch date scheduled in two weeks, the site will feature an interactive look that is one of the first of its kind, said Elizabeth Perkins, director of admission marketing and communication, who said she started the project about two months ago.

Perkins said in an e-mail she could not give an accurate estimate of the cost of the Web site because money could still be spent on facilitating its launch.

Though Perkins said she looked at several other university and company Web sites to formulate an idea, including sites by Nokia, Apple and Motorola, she chose Nike’s Web site because of its dynamic appeal.

“If that’s the first impression (people have) of the university, I want there to be a ‘wow’ factor,” Perkins said.

The Web site includes more than 40 videos of students, professors and alumni that help users navigate through the page and offer insight to their experiences at TCU, Perkins said.

“There’s nothing fake about the Web site,” Perkins said. “They aren’t getting messages from the university; they’re getting real conveyed experiences.”

Allison Osuniga, a junior health and fitness major, said she was flattered when Perkins asked her to film a video for the Web site about her Frog Camp experience.

“It’s great to talk about my personal experience and nice to share with incoming freshmen,” Osuniga said.

Roland Omene, a senior biochemistry major and Cameroon native who hosts the international section of the Web site, said he enjoyed his chance to represent TCU.

“It’s interesting because I’m graduating this semester, but I will still be a part of TCU for years to come,” Omene said.

The Web site’s easy navigation shows a significant improvement from the old site and because the page is video oriented, it cuts down on all the text that bogged down the old version, Perkins said.

Perkins said because of the changing technology, Web sites can now entertain as well as inform. She aimed to do just that with what she called “fun stuff,” which includes TCU ring tones and a video of Superfrog doing the Cabbage Patch Dance.

Robert Maninger, an education professor who recorded a video for the Web site was very excited about its launch.

“You’re always competing for students, especially with technology,” Maninger said. “TCU is an amazing place to be, and anything we can do to promote it is a good thing.

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