Voting glitch an amateur error

Technology is of good use only when prepared, organized people are behind it. The Mr. and Ms. TCU voting that was scheduled to be available on on Thursday did not start working until Monday.

Natalie Boone, assistant director of the Student Government Association, said the initial reason for the delay was that not all of the photographs of the nominees were available by Thursday. Then, SGA decided to hold off voting Friday because of the number of students traveling to Austin, Boone said.

The Web site was finally up Monday, but a coding error delayed voting for another hour.

Mr. and Ms. TCU is an annual homecoming event that is only meaningful with high student participation. Poor planning and preparation threatened this tradition last week. Simply not having photographs ready in order for voting to occur on time isn’t acceptable.

As if the four-day delay wasn’t enough, a computer coding error further impeded the TCU tradition.

Technical complications like these frustrate the students who would have excitedly voted otherwise.

After a few frustrating, failed tries, it is inevitable that students will lose interest.

Take photographs ahead of time. Test and make sure the code for the page works. These are basic guidelines that we learn to apply to any type of job we take on: plan and prepare. Meet deadlines. The missed deadlines added another thorn in the side of people wanting to cast their votes for Mr. and Mrs. TCU.

Although in high school our failure to practice such rules resulted in a penalized grade, the university’s failure to do so the past week jeopardized the student body’s interest in a university tradition.

Features editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.