Bid-day fraternity brawl unaddressed at meeting

The Interfraternity Council proposal outlining sanctions against the four fraternities involved in a bid-night fight was not addressed during the weekly IFC meeting Tuesday.IFC president Matt DiLeo said Monday he hoped the proposal would be dealt with during Tuesday’s meeting but Louis Bauer, Phi Delta Theta president, said the meeting did not touch on the issue of the proposal.

Three hours were spent Sunday constructing the proposal, but a final draft has yet to be passed on to Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs. Earlier in the week, Mills said he was expecting to see the proposal either Tuesday or today.

“I’m hoping for (a draft today), but I won’t know for sure,” Mills said.

James Parker, assistant dean of Campus Life, has been in contact with IFC members, but Mills said he is unsure if Parker and IFC members have collaborated on a final draft.

Parker did not return several phone calls or an e-mail Tuesday night. He said Monday night he had not seen the proposal.

Conor Sanders, vice president of finance and administration, said Parker was not at the meeting, and declined to comment further.

DiLeo did not return multiple phone calls Tuesday and Dane Pearson, IFC chief justice, said in an e-mail he would not comment on the meeting.

It is still uncertain on what the next step will be in resolving the issue, Mills said.

“I know (the fraternities) have their own schedule,” Mills said, “But I’m not sure what would be involved.”

Associate editor Marcus Murphree, staff reporter Ana Bak and staff writer Talia Sampson contributed to this report.