Letter to the Editor: Students should join forces to address new dining plan, other campus issues

The administrators at TCU hope to foster community by upping the dining plan prices and forcing us to eat together three times a day amid the busy schedules we already have.I will go ahead and be pretentious and say that, yes, TCU is thoroughly expensive already, and doesn’t need to pile on the expenses to our already full monetary loads.

There is absolutely no sense in doing things for the students without even asking their opinion or thoughts on the subject.

The Student Government Association doesn’t help when they rely on a small group of people to be their focus group on things that should require the entire campus voice.

Student organizations should not simply be pawns ready to come at the administrators’ beckoning, but they should be the voice for a campus that is truly diverse.

My answer to this is – right now – students need to find that community and leadership elsewhere, and organize themselves against restrictions that take away our social and financial freedoms.

Instead of taking these new limitations lying down, we should band together as a community and tell administrators how we feel by exercising our rights. After all, we are already paying to be here.

Petitions need to be signed, meetings need to be held and the SGA needs to start being a true organization for the students.

Spenser Davis is a freshman business major from Fort Worth.