Study abroad program in Greece now available

Students now have the opportunity to study about the ancient world in Greece. English professor Richard Enos was notified Tuesday that TCU had been approved as a cooperating institution with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

ASCSA is an institution in Greece where American scholars can conduct advanced research in the areas of language, literature, art, history, archaeology and the philosophy of Greece, according to the university’s Web site.

Acceptance into the ASCSA will provide opportunities for both students and faculty who wish to have a more hands-on experience, Enos said.

The new study abroad program will be open to all students on campus.

Tracy Williams, associate director of TCU Abroad, said this new location could be popular among students.

“Europe, and particularly Southern Europe, is always of interest for students,” Williams said.

Jane Spittler, assistant professor in the religion department, said the opportunity to travel to Greece is good for the students and is a special study abroad location.

“This puts TCU in the company of the best universities in the country,” Spittler said.

More than 160 colleges and universities in North America are members of the school.

TCU is now joining the ranks of Harvard, Yale and Princeton universities, Enos said.

Opportunities during the study program extend beyond the students.

“It makes it easier for professors to do research in Greece,” Enos said.

The membership fee, Enos said, will be covered by a private fund, and will not cost the university anything financially.

The original date of notification was set sometime for next spring, so Enos said he was surprised by the phone call from Princeton to notify him of the decision.

Enos said his initial reaction was joy.

“I am so proud,” he said. “We’ve worked so hard.