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Dining stunted by sandwich overload

What’s the deal with all of these sandwich shops?The surrounding area and TCU are under invasion.

Sandwich shops are running wild and it’s getting a little out of hand.

By my count there are eight different sandwich shops to choose from.

Go ahead and do a little sandwich math and you’ll probably come up with more sandwich options than a human could ever need.

Deco Deli, Lenny’s Sub Shop, Loafin’ Joe’s, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Quizno’s Subs, Sub Connection, Subway and Which Wich? are all available to satisfy the public’s sandwich needs.

The sandwich basics call for bread (white, wheat or now, thanks to Loafin’ Joe’s, rye), some meat, vegetables and condiments.

How much room for sandwich parity can there really be?

In the past year Which Wich?, Lenny’s Sub Shop and Loafin’ Joe’s all opened within walking distance from their five competing sandwich establishments.

That means someone actually convinced himself or herself five shops weren’t enough. Then someone else came along with the notion six was not enough. Finally, some brave soul had the courage to defy logic and establish the eighth sandwich shop.

How many of the eight have you eaten from?

The newer shops seem to be making an extra effort to set themselves apart from the crowd by providing interesting incentives.

Which Wich? lets you write your order on a bag, which is pretty cool, especially because you can make up names for yourself.

Loafin’ Joe’s has $2 pints of beer, plasma TVs and a TCU-themed sandwich.

Lenny’s Sub Shop offers 7.5-inch regular subs and 15-inch large subs, as well as a discount to Grand Marc residents.

I call this new sandwich shop strategy, “win their hearts to win their stomachs.”

A few points of advice for anyone considering starting his or her own sandwich shop on Berry St. or University Dr.: Please don’t.

I’m getting really confused with all the choices. I’ll probably just end up second guessing myself and going with Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and then none of the eight wiches win.

Secondly, consider all the different types of food that do not have eight locations within walking distance already.

How about a Chinese restaurant? Indian food is really good, depending on whom you ask of course.

Are restaurant investors really that afraid of deviating from the established sandwich path?

Think about it this way. Anyone who opens an Indian restaurant would have the market cornered, and that has to be better than one-ninth of the sandwich profit.

Sandwich shops are great. Sandwiches are great. Having sandwich options is great.

All I’m trying to say is, come on, give me some good Indian food.

Brett Larson is a junior broadcast journalism major from Altadena, Calif.

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