Prank calls may be to blame for group’s suspension

Two anonymous phone calls made to Alpha Kappa Alpha’s corporate office are to blame for the sorority’s suspension this semester and one of those calls may be a fake, said AKA’s regional adviser.In April, one caller identified herself as a student and pledge of the sorority’s TCU chapter, and another identified himself or herself as the parent of a hazed student, said Tari Bradford, AKA’s south-central region adviser.

“Do I believe one (of the phone calls) was a prank?” Bradford said. “Yes, I do.”

The phone call might have been made by a person who attempted to get in to the sorority, but was denied membership, Bradford said.

Bradford said because the incidents occurred at the end of the semester, it was difficult to initially investigate and see if the phone calls were valid.

“Right now, we are continuing investigation of the allegations,” Bradford said. “The young ladies are very sorry for allegations. This is not their normal behavior.”

The student who called said members of the sorority forced her to go off campus and retrieve information, Bradford said. The parent who called said her child refused to give information about specifics of the hazing.

“We don’t tolerate any type of misconduct,” Bradford said. “We strive for excellence. Any type of allegations made is unacceptable.”

The TCU chapter of AKA has two members.

AKA president Yvonne Watkins would not comment on the allegations. Shanell Whitley, the other member of the sorority, would not return phone calls or e-mails asking for comment.

Information regarding the investigation is being turned over to James Parker, assistant dean of Campus Life, Bradford said.

Parker said if he received an allegation, he would do everything to keep information regarding that allegation confidential.

“The sorority will remain on suspension until their regional board of directors gives them permission,” said Gaius George, National Pan-Hellenic Council adviser.