White team grabs series

White team grabs series

The baseball team ended its fall schedule with a win for the Purple team in game five of the Purple-White World Series.Even with the 6-2 victory Sunday, the Purple team lost the best-of-five series, 3-2. Junior right fielder Matt Vern helped the Purple squad earn the Sunday victory by getting two hits and knocking in two runs. Last season Vern was third on the team in extra-base hits and tied for the team lead in triples.

“After officially losing the series yesterday, we just wanted to come out and win another game,” Vern said.

But this series was more about getting back into the swing of things than winning, head coach Jim Schlossnagle said.

“This is the closest we can come to simulating a live game,” Schlossnagle said. “You can take batting practice all you want and do drills all you want, but it’s really hard to evaluate a player during that time.”

Vern said the intrasquad series is something the team has been looking forward to all fall.

“We practice and take batting practice, but this is the fun part,” Vern said. “We get to talk mess to each other, have a little bit of fun and it’s our first sign of competition.”

Schlossnagle said his team has improved in every facet of the game during the last seven weeks of fall practice.

“Across the board, we have gotten better offensively,” Schlossnagle said. “We’ve had some pitchers get better. We have a good feel for what we have behind the plate from the catcher standpoint.”

The coach also said his team needs to get healthy before the regular season starts in the spring.

“We need some rest,” Schlossnagle said. “We have got to get stronger and get healthy. Right now, our season is going to be dictated by how many of our pitchers can come back from injury and our inexperienced guys can give us something.”

Vern said even though the season is still a long way off, they are looking forward to it.

“We are a lot better team than we were when we started seven weeks ago,” Vern said. “We are pretty happy about that and we have some good new guys and some guys that transferred in that will really help our team.