Provost to act as ‘MacBeth’ in on-campus Halloween performance

Double, double, toil and trouble, and the provost?Halloween night, Theatre TCU will present its third annual performance of “Bard on the Rocks,” a scene from Shakespeare’s “MacBeth.”

This year, there is a twist. Provost Nowell Donovan will be playing the role of MacBeth in the 9 p.m. performance.

Donovan said this will be his acting debut.

“I have not acted since I was a youngster,” Donovan said. “I used to do opera a long time ago, but this will be my first real acting experience.”

Connie de Veer, director of the play, said Donovan is a natural.

“He takes direction like a professional actor,” de Veer said. “He is so great with the students and he has a wonderful communication style.”

Junior Eric Dobbins, who will be playing MacBeth at the 11 p.m. performance, said Donovan has taken to the play very well.

“Playing the same role, we have learned a lot from each other,” Dobbins said. “It has really been a great experience for all of us.”

The performance will be at Froghenge, the circle of rocks located outside the Ballet and Modern Dance Building.

De Veer said it was Donovan’s idea to build Froghenge three years ago in hopes that theatre, dance and music students would perform in it.

Dobbins said having the play outside on Halloween adds a lot to the whole experience of the play both for the actors and the audience.

“The play is in an open air theater just like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre,” Dobbins said, “and with the play being in a circle, it allows us as actors to play to everyone.