Phi Delts suspended, under investigation

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity is under investigation by its national headquarters after allegations of hazing and underage drinking, the province president said.The chapter has been suspended from pledge, social and intramural activities, said Hugh King, province president of Phi Delt.

King said probation is pending because the investigation is ongoing.

James Parker, assistant dean of Campus Life, said Wednesday evening Phi Delt was not suspended by the university.

Parker said he could not comment further because the investigation is ongoing.

King said he didn’t know how the incident was reported but said there was most likely a phone call either to the university or to chapter headquarters.

Louis Bauer, president of Phi Delt, denied the allegations and said, “According to James Parker, we are not on suspension.”

Bauer said he had no further comments.

“I don’t want Phi Delt’s reputation dragged through the mud,” Bauer said.

Will Sealy, vice president of Phi Delt, declined to comment.

The investigation is going on in cooperation with the university, King said.

King said the chapter may have violated the university student code and codes of the fraternity, and the hearing for disciplinary action will be sometime this month.

Although King was aware of the incident, he said the details of the proceedings were not within his purview.

King said the suspension was after Oct. 24 but he wasn’t sure of the actual date.