Student involvement vital to elections

It’s November, and the smell of ballots is in the air.Campaign teams have been formed, stickers have been handed out and front yards have been decorated with candidate endorsement signs.

Don’t let it go unnoticed – exercise the much-envied freedom to vote.

Whether it’s for city council members, state representatives or Student Government Association officers, students have a say, so they should use it.

Though it might be too late for many to register or file for an absentee ballot, it’s not too late for them to get involved and make their vote count in the SGA elections.

With the increased technology being used in campaigns, it’s only getting easier for students to get to know the candidates. Check out your favorite candidates’ Web sites, watch their YouTube videos or even join their Facebook group.

Though a student may not know a candidate, it’s impossible to miss the signs covering campus lawns.

Find a name on a sign and be proactive. Students constantly complain about meal plans, library hours and parking. Here’s the chance to do something about it. Choose an issue and find a candidate who agrees with students’ complaints.

Students pay SGA fees each semester, so it’s their money being put to use by the elected officers. Ensure that they will use it wisely.

Take the elections seriously. These officers are being elected to represent the voice of the students who elect them. If students don’t vote, they won’t be represented.

So whether it be by wearing a sticker or helping pass out flyers, get involved. Vote.

News editor Bailey Shiffler for the editorial board.