Flu vaccines should be utilized

Fall is here and consequently, so is the seven-month flu season.Luckily, this bug that comes with the change in seasons is being handled during this year’s Mini Health Fair.

For 500 students and 500 faculty and staff members, flu vaccines will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis enabling some people to prepare for sickness that may come during the winter months. This is the first year students are included in the heath fair vaccine group. Last year, faculty and staff were the only ones privy to the treatment.

This type of concern, when germs start spreading around campus and when immune systems get tested, shows care on behalf of the administrations. Getting the shot to keep from spreading germs during a time when runny noses and sneezing are commonplace helps to keep other people safe who may not be vaccinated. Take time to protect yourself as well as others during flu season.

The fact that the vaccines are being administered for free is just another incentive to take the time to get pricked by the needle. After the health fair, there will be a $20 price tag for the vaccine at the Brown-Lupton Health Center.

Other campuses in the area such as Southern Methodist University, the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Arlington have been offering flu shots for $15 to $25.

Utilizing the free shot at TCU and staying in good health during the cooler months is just a simple way to help stop the spread of the flu.

The shot is optional, but one afternoon with the needle beats being stuck in bed any day.

Associate editor Marcus Murphree for the editoral board.