SGA makes informed voting easy

Student government elections are just around the corner.Polls are open Tuesday until 5:30 p.m.

This year, candidates have made an exceptionally broad effort to reach out to students with their platforms.

Candidates have done more than the traditional signs along the walkways and letter-sized posters.

This year, SGA added candidate Web sites, which provide a forum for each candidate to outline their platform and address their plans at length.

There are also video interviews of each candidate made available by SGA that help to put a face with each of the candidates.

With all that effort, though, comes an extra responsibility for students who plan to vote in the elections next week.

Because so much information is available online, there’s no excuse for students to not make the effort to get to know the candidates when the material has been made so easily available.

Most of it is viewable from the comfort of a student’s dorm room, sitting in front of a laptop computer.

Students need to take time to look at the candidate’s platforms and try to understand what each person would bring to the student body.

There’s no reason to go to the polls next week and make an uninformed decision because there certainly isn’t a lack of information on candidates.

SGA continues to do a great deal to make the candidates more accessible to the electorate, and the candidates are taking the elections seriously.

However, now the burden is on students to get out – or get online – and get to know the people that aim to represent them.

Editor-in-Chief Andrew Chavez for the editorial board.