Lack of tradition dampens spirit

Relatively empty stands are proof the TCU men’s basketball program has received little support from the student body – until now.The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity showed pride in the team by camping out in front of Daniel-Meyer Coliseum before the Frogs faced Rice on Tuesday night.

This outward display of school spirit should encourage other students to follow suit.

Forward Kevin Langford, a junior sociology major, said the support gives the team motivation and it would be even better to have more people involved.

For a team that practices and plays hard, often with little recognition, this support is long overdue.

Even the sprinklers didn’t discourage the occupants of 10 tents to call it a night.

“We’re just trying to get support for the basketball team, so we just came out here and camped out and kind of did a tailgate thing,” said Stuart Howell, a freshman business major and member of SAE.

Tailgating shouldn’t be reserved for one sport.

The night before a game at Texas A&M, “Yell Leaders” direct a rehearsal of traditional Aggie yells for the upcoming game.

For some games more than 40,000 Aggies show up at Kyle Field, or at a designated site for road games.

At Notre Dame, the Monday night of every game week, student volunteers put a fresh coat of paint on the Fighting Irish football helmets.

The Grove is an area surrounded by oak trees in the middle of the Ole Miss campus. Southern belles in dresses and men in coats and ties congregate for cocktails and food served on fine china before games.

It’s hard to imagine a basketball game with all 7,200 seats filled; however, it was once hard to imagine anyone who would camp out before a game either.

It’s about time TCU started coming up with a few traditions of its own – starting with basketball.

Opinion editor Sonya Cisneros for the editorial board.