Campus organizations join to recruit leaders

This semester, the resident assistant information session will combine with other leadership programs on campus to increase awareness of the various leadership opportunities available to students, said the hall director for Carter and Samuelson halls.Rachel Siron, hall director for Carter and Samuelson Halls, said students who are interested in becoming an RA, Frog Camp facilitator, orientation leader or Connections mentor can attend an information session today or Thursday from 9 to 11 p.m. in the Student Center.

Chris Sewalish, hall director for Milton Daniel Hall and coordinator of the information session, said it is important for students to attend because they will learn about the various leadership opportunities available on campus in one setting.

“There will be time for students to mingle with staff members and students in leadership positions, as well as formal presentations about each leadership position available,” Sewalish said.

Director of Residential Services Craig Allen said RA recruitment was one of the biggest projects for Residential Services because it takes hours of preparation and effort to recruit the best candidates for the positions.

“Any student development theory and research will tell you that any type of student leadership position and involvement really increases that student’s ability to be connected on campus,” Sewalish said. “It allows them to lead a much happier lifestyle on campus, while at the same time connecting them to other students who need their mentorship.”

Sewalish said students involved in leadership positions learn skills such as how to mediate conflict, peer communication, team work and experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, which will give them an advantage in the job market.

“For example, a lot of companies enjoy hiring folks who were RAs because they come with incredible people skills and personal skills, which a lot of students coming out of college don’t have,” Sewalish said.

Food and drinks will be available at the information sessions.