In the Spotlight: Robin Williamson

In the Spotlight: Robin Williamson

When there is a problem involving a housing situation, students are told to e-mail Residential Services.But who is it that answers all these student e-mails and provides solutions to the problems?

In many cases, this job falls to Robin Williamson, associate director of administration in the Residential Services office. Williamson oversees many residential aspects of TCU, including housing sign-ups and housekeeping.

Williamson’s first job on campus as an undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago was in her hall office. By her senior year, she was head resident assistant of her building.

While earning her master’s degree in student personnel services at the University of South Carolina, she also worked as a hall director. It was during this time Williamson discovered she loved working in housing and wanted to make it her career.

Williamson is working on the first three chapters of her dissertation to earn her doctorate in higher education administration. She has attended classes and researched during her free time at work and on weekends. Williamson is planning to complete her work in May.

Williamson met her husband, Mark, during an online chat session with a friend. Their relationship grew online and after six months of chatting the pair finally met. After they wed eight years ago, they honeymooned in the city where they first met face-to-face, St. Louis.

During her free time, when she is not working with students, attending Frog Camp – she has attended all of them at least once – or writing her dissertation, Williamson and her husband like to travel. For two weeks during summer vacation, the couple ventures to Alaska to kayak, fish, hike and enjoy the outdoors.

Despite her schedule, Williamson finds time to volunteer for Meals on Wheels and coordinate her friends’ weddings.

“Robin is a really cool person to work for,” student-worker Benny Milligan said. “She expects that you get everything done, but she is nice when she asks you to do something.”

Milligan said the residential services office can get crazy during housing sign-ups, but Williamson is always willing to answer questions and help students.

According to Milligan and other office employees, Williamson is always in an upbeat mood. She takes her job seriously but enjoys what she does, they said.

“Working with college students is what I love to do,” Williamson said.