Repairs completed in flooded hall

The final repairs to Samuelson Hall were completed over Thanksgiving break after a sprinkler head burst in late October and flooded parts of the building, said the hall director.Rachel Siron, the hall director of Samuelson and Carter halls, said repairs were made to damaged walls, baseboards were removed to allow water to dry out from inside the walls and the carpets were cleaned before most students moved back into their dorms Nov. 5.

“One room still needed to have the carpet cleaned, and we agreed to do that over Thanksgiving break while the resident was not inconvenienced,” Siron said.

On Oct. 29, a jacket was hung on one of the sprinkler heads in a resident’s bathroom, which caused the pipe to burst and water to build up and flow primarily into five suites, said Craig Allen, director of Residential Services.

The person who caused the sprinkler head to break was not a resident, Siron said.

“We always inform residents of the proper way of using safety items, but this was a guest of the building,” Siron said. “We will be working to better inform our guests of these policies.”

About 25 students were displaced, Siron said.

“We’ve followed up and continue to follow up with the residents of those rooms and made sure that we are taking care of any questions and concerns that they have,” Siron said.

Most students chose to stay with friends while repairs were being made, but a few students were temporarily moved to different halls on campus, Siron said.

“We provided temporary access cards, keys to the other rooms on campus and linens – as much as we could do to make their stay pleasant in another building,” Siron said. “They were allowed to access the room during the day, we just recommended they didn’t stay there at night because of the fans and the loud noises and just to ensure their safety.”

Senior nursing major Sarah Bachman, a resident assistant on the first floor of Samuelson Hall, was the RA for some of the dorm rooms affected by the flood.

“I was really proud of them,” Bachman said. “They did a great job of being flexible and working with us, which is the most you can ask for. It made the situation easier for everybody.