Graduation: December graduates begin hunt for future careers

As the curtain closes on the fall semester and on the college years of winter graduates, the next step in life – a career – begins to unfold for the fresh alumni.Some December graduates are still looking to find a place in the job market after walking across the stage.

Winny Wiszneauckas, a senior marketing/entrepreneurial management major, said she is still in the process of finding a job. Even though she graduates soon, she still isn’t sure what the future holds for her.

“In the beginning of college, I imagined I would know what I was going to be doing with my life by now,” Wiszneauckas said. “But that is not how it has worked out.”

Finding a job is not the problem for Wiszneauckas. She said she has many options, and still has to do her second and third interviews with different companies located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For Wiszneauckas, choosing the job is the problem.

“I do have several options to choose from, but I am just trying to find the job that is the right fit for me,” Wiszneauckas said.

Stephanie Sherwood, a senior social work major, said she has yet to apply for a job. Because she is not staying in the Metroplex, she said, it is more difficult to search for a job she wants.

“I plan on relocating to the New York-Boston area, so I haven’t been able to see what is out there,” Sherwood said.

Though neither has decided on a specific career, both Sherwood and Wiszneauckas said they know several people who were able to get jobs through contacts with professors and friends.

“I know professors who have helped students get offers by personally contacting employers on their behalf,” Sherwood said. “I think it is very important to get these contacts when looking for a job.”

Ben Tillman, associate professor of geography, said he tries to help students get jobs, as well as a spot in graduate school.

“More of our majors go to graduate school, so I write letters of recommendation if they ask me to,” Tillman said. “If they ask me to do it, then I will.”

Wiszneauckas said she also knows students who have received jobs by using, the Alcon Career Center in the School of Business and University Career Services.

Darin Ford, associate director of University Career Services, said, “We try to connect TCU students exclusively with employers to help get them full or part-time jobs or internships.”

Ford said there are career advising assessments held each year that discuss the issues that apply to specific age groups. Included in these programs are Sophomore Spotlight, Junior Jumpstart and Senior Conference.

Ford said the Senior Conference held last January helped teach students how to be prepared for the real world.

“At the conference, students are taught job skills, how to prepare for life after college and even proper dinner etiquette for interviews,” Ford said.

Students who have not secured a spot in the workplace are not alone. But with the help of University Career Services, they might have a better chance of securing a spot in the workplace, Ford said.