Student activism refreshing

Kudos to the TCU People for Animal Well-Being.

Though many people and most of the student body may not agree with the group’s protests at the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, it’s refreshing to see students expressing their opinions on issues they care about, something that has been lacking around campus.

The protesters chose an issue they are passionate about, which is commendable if not necessarily agreeable.

Though the protesters probably had little effect on rodeo attendance, they represented the university as a forum for ideas, something every educational institution should encourage. Higher education is about the exchange of ideas and the discussion of pertinent issues, however disagreeable they might be to the majority.

Everyone is free to voice his or her ideas, a principle that is at the very foundation of American culture.

Students studying to be professionals have a duty to be informed about issues of public debate, regardless of personal feelings. To form a defendable opinion, one must have at least rudimentary knowledge of the topic.

This is not a call for a march on Washington or a sign-making convention, but rather a spirited discussion of what is taking place in the world. Students today seem to care little about what is going on outside of their own world, either because they are too busy or they just don’t care. Apathy is no excuse to be misinformed.

Read the news online, catch the local evening broadcast or pick up a newspaper and read about what’s going on in the world. If the protests are a topic for disagreement, then there is a chance to discuss and debate the call to action by the activism organization.