SGA upholds a resolution requesting KTCU jazz

The headline stating that SGA upheld a resolution concerning KTCU jazz programming was changed on Jan. 28 at 9:45 p.m.

The Student Government Association House of Student Representatives upheld a presidential veto Tuesday, blocking a resolution requesting the return of jazz programming to the campus radio station.

The resolution requesting the immediate revival of jazz to KTCU FM 88.7 “The Choice” was passed in November, but was struck down by a veto from outgoing SGA President Jace Thompson, whose term expires next week.

Thompson said KTCU and its listeners should decide what airs, not the SGA.

“Jazz is America’s first true art form,” said Justin Brown, the College of Fine Arts representative, who wrote the bill supporting jazz. He said its presence would benefit the university.

When Thompson vetoed the resolution, he said it was because it did not represent the student body’s interests.

Brown said he wanted to pass the resolution to take it to KTCU and show the station manager that the student body wanted jazz back.

During the meeting, Brown said he thought the veto was out of line.

“I think we want to represent the students,” Brown said. “Based on one person’s decision upon leaving office, I think we’ve deflated the impact of SGA, which is really sad for the students.”

A resolution was also passed supporting a plan to let students use their dining plan money at sporting events in the form of paper “Frog Pass Dollars.” These dollars could be deducted from the dining plan in the Brown-Lupton Student Center and used to pay for food at a variety of athletic events.