Student named Mountain West Diver of the Week

The Mountain West Conference record for being named diver of the week the most times now belongs to a TCU diver.

R.J. Hesselberg broke the previous single season record of six last week when he was named MWC Men’s Diver of the Week for the seventh time.

“I’m a lot more focused this season,” said Hesselberg, a junior communication studies major. “Last year, it was just about completing the dive. This year, I’m focusing on specific details.”

Last season, Hesselberg won MWC Men’s Diver of the Week three times. He placed third in platform diving at the MWC Conference Championship last year and placed 23rd overall on the platform at the NCAA Championship.

TCU diving coach Wayne Chester said Hesselberg’s success is the result of his work ethic.

“He’s got more determination than he does skill,” Chester said. “He’s a talented diver, but he has to work for his results.”

Chester said Hesselberg does a lot more work outside the pool this season to achieve better results in the pool.

Teammate Kyle Callens, a freshman mechanical engineering major, said Hesselberg’s success motivates him.

“We push each other in practice,” Callens said. “His success, especially with his seven diver of the week awards, is definitely a motivating factor for me.”

Hesselberg said he made a few changes to his technique. He said his shoulders are back and his arms are lower this season, and he is walking faster down the board to help create some more momentum.

The TCU men’s swimming and diving teams will take on SMU at 6 p.m. in the University Recreation Center.

Hesselberg said mentally he’s not going to change anything for SMU.

Chester said they will make a few changes for SMU and also for the MWC Championship on Feb. 27.

“We lowered the degree of difficulty for the dives he’ll be doing against SMU and at the conference meet,” Chester said. “We’re doing this because he can dive the less difficult dives better, and hopefully, that will look better on the judges’ scorecard.”

Hesselberg said he thinks he has a chance of taking first place on the one-meter and three-meter boards against SMU.

“That would be some good momentum going into conference,” Hesselberg said.