Adding off-campus dining to meal plan insufficiently addresses complaints

Dining Services has been working to appease students’ complaints about the new dining plan, but it seems they are still coming up short.

In the works is an update to the almost $2,000 meal plan required of students living on campus that would allow a certain number of off-campus dining points to be given to students when they purchase the plan.

Although this is something that has been much requested and anticipated by students, it seems that it’s short.

With the purchase of a meal plan, students will receive anywhere from 100 to 450 points, valued at $1 per point. These points will come at no extra cost to students, making it appear that they are getting free money.

But when putting it all into perspective, every dollar spent off campus is a dollar not spent on campus. And when paying close to $2,000 for a meal plan, $100 doesn’t seem like much of a prize.

Dining Services should be applauded for its efforts, because students have been requesting this for years. But it also needs to realize that this appeal to students only makes a dent in the nightmare that is the new meal plan. For a plan that is notably more expensive and doesn’t allow students to take food to go, a $100 distraction just doesn’t seem like enough.

If Dining Services really is listening to students’ complaints, they should understand that it’s going to take a lot more than this to distract students from their complaints.

Keep listening, Dining Services. The students’ voices haven’t quite been heard yet.