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Longer library hours help students

The library is going 24/5.

Beginning next semester, students will have 24-hour access to the library on weekdays.

It’s a request students have been making for the last three to four years, said Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs.

Administrators also noted a marked increase in library use, something they attribute to more students living on campus.

And as administrators work to make the campus more residential, they’ve created an added benefit for on-campus residents with the extended hours.

The University Recreation Center could also have extended hours in the future, Mills said, and the new Brown-Lupton Student Union is scheduled to be open until 3 a.m. next semester.

The undertaking wasn’t without expense; the university is hiring new staff members and is adding new security to supplement the extended hours.

It’s a clear example of student voices being heard and administrators responding to data that show a clear need, despite the required financial commitment from the university.

And with the added security measures, it’s also a great example of a thoughtful approach to a change that could potentially be cumbersome.

So although sometimes the university certainly seems to not listen on some issues, the changing hours at the library are a sign of a positive reaction to student dialogue with administrators.

Not only is it important to note the change itself, but also the fact that what may seem like such a minor change on the surface is actually quite the undertaking. It’s certainly not something that could have been accomplished overnight.

The change is in the works, though, and now it’s simply up to students to take advantage.

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