Resolution for new ATM passes

The Student Government Association‘s House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday calling for the installation of an ATM in the Worth Hills area of campus.

Student body vice president Brett Major, who co-authored the resolution, said the ideal location would be outside of Pond Street Grill.

“Worth Hills has accessible parking for students, so it’s easy for them to park there and get cash,” Major said. “There are hundreds of students who live in Worth Hills, and I think they’d like convenient access to an ATM.”

Senior class representative Mark Tschirhart requested an amendment to the resolution, allowing for a survey of student banking preferences to decide which bank would operate the ATM.

Major accepted the motion as friendly and it became part of the resolution. When the author of a resolution accepts a motion as friendly, it automatically becomes part of the resolution without a vote by the House.

“In the time I’ve been here, SGA has oftentimes decided things on students’ behalf without even questioning them,” Tschirhart said.

Tschirhart said SGA began heavily using student surveys in the past year, and it has helped them gain insight into what students want from the administration.

Major said the survey would first be given to Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs, who has already expressed support for the resolution. Dick Hoban, a TCU specialist in financial data systems, would handle the negotiations with the banks, Major said.

Major said he knows the resolution is just a suggestion, but said he’s confident the administration will act in the students’ best interest.

“The university wants what is best for our students, and they’ll ultimately make the right choice,” Major said.

Major also discussed a past resolution requesting that the university label rows in large parking lots. He said he had spoken to TCU Physical Plant employees and they had supported the plan.

Historian Christina Durano, who wrote the resolution last semester, said she wanted a way for people to remember where they parked their cars in some of TCU’s larger lots.

Editor’s note: SGA historian Christina Durano is a reporter for the Skiff.