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Basketball coach commendation undeserved due to losing records

I seriously have to disagree with a house editorial published Jan. 24, about head basketball coach Neil Dougherty’s actions to get more fans at games.

Dougherty is not “going above the call of duty to gain student support.”

He wants support now that the team is winning games, but he never tried to do that when it was in the process of winning 21 games in the past two seasons.

Just because we are doing well now, does that mean he can try to get fans? He should really try to be more like head football coach Gary Patterson because if the football season is sub-par or not, Patterson always wants fans to come out.

What crowning achievements has Dougherty led our men to? One trip to the National Invitation Tournament back in 2005. You cannot really say that since we changed from Conference USA to the Mountain West in 2005 that this is the reason why our guys haven’t done well.

Well, the football team adjusted nicely by winning the conference. The women adjusted by placing third in the Mountain West while still getting to the second round of the NCAA tournament, so what is the guys’ excuse for winning a total of eight times that year? There is none.

I personally feel like TCU should go coach hunting for a new head coach. Since he has been head coach he has amassed a 72-92 record in five years. That equals about 12 wins a season. Do you really think that this possible good season is a reason to keep him around?

Is that the productivity you would expect from a Division I basketball team? Definitely not.

I am all for supporting all sports here around campus but I feel you have to give credit where credit is due. And from where I see it, Dougherty is on the very bottom of my credit list.

Michael R. Stewart II is a junior studio art major from San Antonio.

Editor’s note: Since he has been at TCU, coach Dougherty has advocated for students to come to the games.

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