Scholarship hike to benefit students

During the past few years the university has increased tuition at a rate of 8.4 percent while the academic scholarships remained static after being initially rewarded.

For most students who are on need-based scholarships, it can be hard to find the extra cash to pay for the difference between the increased price and the old amount.

However, this year’s tuition will increase once again, but this time each academic scholarship will increase at 8.4 percent, mirroring the current rise. The total number of scholarships given will increase, too.

This effort is not a shallow one because it actually helps the students who are currently here. Instead of only trying to focus on the next best incoming freshman class, this shows more depth and care for TCU as a whole.

Rewarding students shows that campus officials are still paying attention and caring for each students’ financial situation, whatever it may be. Students should and will be pleased about the good news.

As for the students who are trying to apply to TCU, this will help them tremendously. There are a lot of students that are more than qualified to be a Horned Frog but cannot because they can’t get the scholarships they need.

Luckily, since the number of first-year academic and need-based scholarships will receive about a 25 percent increase, it will give a lot more students a chance to experience TCU.

Hands down, this is one of the best things the university has given its students.

While the bookstore and new facilities are great assets to the campus, rewarding students for their academic achievement surpasses the shiny new lily pads and meal plan.