Quick investigation of end zone collapse commendable

It is known that half of the new facade of the south end zone fell into a pile of dust and twisted metal early Friday morning.

Although the surveillance tapes are not being released to the public, the commendable action of the administration and construction companies is the swift response taken toward investigating this incident.

Luckily, the structural collapse did not happen while crews were on the work site and moreover, it did not happen during a football game when the stands would most likely be full of fans.

The prompt response of the crews to begin investigations should be appreciated by students who want to know answers. The engineers investigating the situation are there to try and figure out what happened and not jump to any rash conclusions, lest this should happen again.

Piles of debris and warped girders were the only clues left after the early morning crash, but mechanical engineers can begin looking through the mess to come up with a safe way to remedy the problem.

Pointing fingers is not the quickest way to solve a problem that could potentially cost millions to fix.

But, by trying to remedy the problem with an investigative – not accusatory – eye, progress can be made for the work crews to get back on track.

Setbacks happen during construction, but for the time being, administrators, contractors and Horned Frogs fans should all take solace in knowing that nobody was hurt and the construction will move forward.

If the bookstore and dorm construction managed to stay on track through seven weeks of rain during the summer, who is to say that the stadium addition cannot recover from this accident?