President Clinton supports wife in multi-stop Metroplex tour

President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that he would campaign for Sen. Hillary Clinton even if she weren’t his wife.

“Hillary is change you can count on,” he said.

The former president spoke about the Democratic candidate’s views on health care, the economy, the war in Iraq and education at two separate early vote events in Fort Worth.

“Hillary is the only candidate with a plan for affordable health care for everyone,” President Clinton said. “If it is good enough for my family, it is good enough for yours.”

Under Hillary Clinton’s plan, Americans can either keep the health care they have or buy a new plan that will be more affordable, he said.

“You will never get control of the cost of insurance until everyone has it,” the former president said. “No one will have health care they can’t afford under Hillary’s plan.”

Health care was the major issue Ashley Alcala, whose aunt works for the maintenance department at TCU, said she wanted to hear the former president talk about.

“I support Hillary because she has a lot of experience and she can handle health care,” Alcala said.

The economy was another issue President Clinton addressed, saying it isn’t working for ordinary people.

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The former president said his wife wants to level the playing field and make it easier for everyone to live as a middle class citizen.

One Clinton supporter agreed that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will help pull people out of poverty and into the middle class.

“Her efforts have helped lower economic people, who happen to be of color,” said alumnus Renny Rosas. “Obama does not have that experience.”

As for the war in Iraq, Hillary Clinton’s plan will take the troops out of Iraq and leave a small force in the North just in case al-Qaida makes a comeback, President Clinton said.

“The real enemy is al-Qaida, not the Iraqi people,” he said.

Other TCU Hillary Clinton supporters were excited to see a former president.

“I think it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the fact that he is here campaigning for his wife is really special,” said Beatriz Gutierrez, a junior communication studies major.

President Clinton encouraged people to vote early and reminded everyone that Texans can vote twice – once in the primary and once in the caucus.

“As Texans, you get to vote twice without breaking the law,” Clinton said with a smirk.

The first rally was held at the Worth Heights Community Center and the second was at Marine Park.