Wind power new source of energy in Texas

Texas has always been an important state for the oil industry, but now, as America looks toward alternative energy options, Texas is becoming important in wind power energy.

A New York Times article Feb. 23 stated Texas is quickly becoming the wind power capital of North America, having surpassed California for the No. 1 spot.

This surge in wind power is improving both the local economy and the industry of alternative energy. Some are likening it to the oil boom.

The wind farms are providing jobs and bringing new life to towns.

Because of the aesthetic issues concerned with large wind turbines, some people are paid monthly to have them on their land. Others are finding new investment in the construction of wind farms.

The American economy, as a whole, may be struggling, but the pursuit of alternative energy in this state is having the opposite effect in some areas.

The best thing about wind power is that it can be produced in the U.S. and it has limited effects on the environment. Although it only currently supplies 1 percent of American electricity, it has the potential for growth.

Like all energy sources, wind power isn’t perfect. The turbines break up the landscape. They can be dangerous to birds and bats. But it is a much-needed step in the right direction. And it does bring many benefits, such as being almost pollution free.

As America surpasses Spain to become the second-largest market for wind power in the world, it is an energy industry that continues to grow.

By continuing to explore alternative, environmentally friendly energy options, America is positioning itself as a country that cares about the environment. Exploring these domestic options can also help improve economic conditions, something this country so desperately needs right now.

This is an exciting time for alternative energy, and Texas is taking center stage.

Jillian Hutchison is a junior news-editorial journalism major from Omaha, Neb.