Chelsea Clinton: Country needs fighter

Chelsea Clinton: Country needs fighter

Hillary Clinton is going to end the country’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, reform the public school system and provide subsidized health care, her daughter told students on campus Monday morning.

Chelsea Clinton visited the Brown-Lupton Student Center lounge to answer questions about her mother’s campaign in an effort to help voters make informed decisions in today’s Texas primary. Chelsea Clinton said she joined her mother’s campaign because she thinks the nation needs a fighter – something she said her mother has been her whole life.

She said Hillary Clinton plans to extend equal benefits to federal employees and end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

“My mother has supported civil unions since before I was born,” Chelsea Clinton said.

The 28-year-old believes her mother is the most fiscally-concerned presidential candidate, as well as the only one who will tell Americans exactly how she plans on financing everything.

The New York senator plans to gain $70 to $80 billion in funds for her health care plan by increasing tax rates for people whose annual incomes are greater than $200,000 and switching to electronic medical records, her daughter said.

Nikita Purdy, a sophomore social work major, said she attended the event primarily to hear about Hillary Clinton’s plan for student loans.

Chelsea Clinton said mother plans to revoke the No Child Left Behind Act and focus more on early childhood education by having children start public school earlier.

Purdy, who agrees with the plan to increase the Federal Pell Grant, which provides subsidies to low-income college students, said she was impressed with Chelsea Clinton’s intellect and the time she spent answering questions.

“She’s grounded,” Purdy said. “She went in depth and thoroughly explained everyone’s questions.”

Chelsea Clinton said her mother thinks America needs a government that broadly listens to the community and will step across lines to find common ground.

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