Text-alert system a success

At about 2 p.m. Thursday, the TCU ALERT program notified students that because of weather all classes were canceled for the rest of the day.

All students who are signed up for the alert system received text messages with the news, in addition to the usual e-mail notification.

The message, while possibly too late for some students traveling to their 2 p.m. classes, was timely and efficient in informing students of the dangerous traveling conditions and class cancellations.

The alert system saved many students a trip to an empty classroom with a hastily scrawled note leading them to check their e-mail an hour too late.

Every student who was registered with the service knew within minutes of the decision to cancel classes.

E-mail and word-of-mouth warnings often reach too many, too late.

The text messages were instant and a breath of fresh air on a cold and snowy day.

The university is adapting to new technology, reaching students in ways they are most likely to be found.

The likeliness that a student is carrying his or her cell phone is high, meaning the alert system most likely reached the majority of those signed up for the service.

The success of the weather alert is comforting, knowing its capabilities in case real disaster is ever an issue.

Students will know within minutes what to do or not to do, just as they did Thursday, except conditions might not always be so welcome.

The speed and near all-encompassing nature of the text message alert makes it a near-perfect solution.

The buzz, ring or beep of cell-phones providing Horned Frogs with the timely news was a victory for the university and those receiving the news.

A collective thank you from all the students whose vacations started a day early, and a slight sigh from those who were generally disappointed about missing their favorite class.

Keep us alert, TCU.