Dining Services rehires more than half of laid-off employees

Six of 11 former employees of Edens and Deco Deli returned to work Monday in The Main, while the others face anywhere from a week to six months before returning to TCU, said the marketing manager of Dining Services.

Former Edens and Deco Deli employees Belinda Leon, Peter Thipp, Ernestina Lopez, David McKenzie, Carla Wilson and Jana Crabtree took shifts from The Main that worked with their schedules, said Legia Abato, marketing manager for Dining Services.

Sandra Camp, a former supervisor at Edens, said she was not on the schedule to work this week because of an oversight and would be back soon.

Thipp, a former chef for Edens, said he was informed by Dining Services administrators that he would have a job in The Main before Spring Break. He said he is happy to remain at TCU because he enjoys the people he sees every day.

“My regulars will see me and say ‘Hey, Peter! Where’s my beef?’ like a joke,” Thipp said.

Abato said layoffs are common for most Dining Services employees at the end of every school year because the school requires fewer staff during the summer, but she said most staff members are offered the opportunity to be rehired in the fall.

“Summer’s happening a bit earlier for them,” Abato said of the laid-off Edens and Deco Deli employees.

Abato said she didn’t know how many positions would be available in the new Brown-Lupton University Union but said it would probably be the same number currently available, if not more.

Meanwhile, the closing of the two restaurants led to larger crowds in The Main during lunchtime, said Viola Mack, Dining Services cashier.

Peyton Bryant, a freshman pre-major, said his daily schedule wasn’t affected much by the closings.

“I did go to Deco and Edens maybe once every few weeks, but I did go to The Main more often than not,” Bryant said.

Shannon Harman, a freshman art education major, said she and her friends went to Edens all the time and miss it.

“We were excited to see Peter,” Harman said.

Former employees who have not been rehired by Dining Services could not be reached for comment.