Students ultimately responsible for making healthy food choices

Eden’s and Deco Deli were truly a garden of freshness and were delicious and healthy on-campus dining options. The colorful salad bar, sizzling wok and made-to-order sandwich bar allowed students to create their own nutritious meal without compromising flavor.

When I lived on campus, I was an Eden’s regular, and Wednesday night wok was a great midweek perk.

The closing of these two eateries was not the choice of TCU Dining Services. Stan Rush, the retail manager, informed me that the school decided they needed the space in Reed Hall for offices. He explained that in order to try and accommodate the 500 or so displaced students that used to dine in Reed Hall, they will be offering a hot dog cart outside of the library. Items are to include all beef dogs, veggie dogs and broth-based soups.

More options, such as a veggie chili may come in the future, depending on the success of the cart. If you would prefer more toppings, like vegetables or a whole wheat bun, be sure and voice your opinion. These options may be added if there is a great enough demand.

Executive chef Joel Branch and Rick Flores, general manager of Dining Services, said the Shift Zone in The Main is now offering a deli bar at lunch and an Eden’s-style dinner. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to incorporate the whole Eden’s/Deco program. Rick continued by adding that the new Union will include Stacks, a deli line, and Shuffles and Oasis, a station for made-to-order and specialty salads. Despite the loss of two nutritious options, the Dining Services team is working hard to provide quality substitutes within limited space.

Both Branch and Flores agree that health and having a vegetarian option are of high importance. As a health conscientious vegetarian, I never had a difficult time finding tasty foods on campus that fit into my lifestyle, and I looked forward to discovering what flavors and ethnic influences might await my next meal.

Some concern has arisen with the fact that the new union will be run on an all-you-care-to-eat-for-one-price system, with the possibility of students feeling inclined to eat more. Flores said he feels students will have more options on when they would like to eat a lighter or heavier meal, more variations on selection of foods, and plenty of healthy items.

I feel this is a great way for students to take responsibility for their health. With all of the nutrition-minded options, they can make good dining choices.

Dining Services provide us with great resources to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle; it is really just up to us students to put them to good use.

Kristina Keilson is a senior nutrition major from The Woodlands.