Daily Skiff, Image, DailySkiff.com, staffers win press recognition

Image magazine and DailySkiff.com have been recognized as best publications by both the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) and the Society of Professional Journalists region that includes colleges in Texas and Oklahoma. As first-place regional SPJ winners, the magazine and Web site are up for national honors against the other regional winners, and the national winners will be announced in mid-May. In all, the publications’ staffs have won 13 awards, and 26 individual student journalists have won or shared in 43 awards in individual categories. Individual award winners are listed by name, organization and award:

James Brown, SPJ, third place, general news reporting Cortney Strube, SPJ, second place, magazine non-fiction article; TIPA, third place, news-feature story Tim Bella, SPJ, third place, magazine non-fiction article and second place, online sports reporting; TIPA, honorable mention, sports column Ronald Villegas, TIPA, first place and second place, magazine general news photo and first place, ad design; SPJ, second place, general news photography and second place, photo illustration; Christina Durano, SPJ, second place, television feature Megan Mowery, second place, SPJ, online news reporting Bailey Shiffler, SPJ, third place, online news reporting; TIPA, third place, best breaking news online Ana Bak, Michael Bou-Nacklie and Tim Bella, SPJ, first place, online sports reporting Marcus Murphree, TIPA, honorable mention, critical review Lindsey Bever, TIPA, first place, general newspaper column Christina Ruffini, TIPA, third place, general newspaper column Andrew Chavez and Paul Sanders, TIPA, first place, best Web site interactivity Ana Bak, Tim Bella, TIPA, second place, best use of multimedia online Ky Lewis, TIPA, first place, overall magazine design and magazine cover design Michael Bou-Nacklie, TIPA, first place, magazine feature photo; second place, newspaper news photo and third place, newspaper feature photo Ky Lewis and Ronald Villegas, TIPA, second place, magazine illustration Kathleen Thurber, TIPA, first place, column/essay; honorable mention, picture story Ky Lewis, Sarah Cox, Darren White, TIPA, first place, magazine picture story Michelle Thomas, TIPA, first place, magazine feature story Ky Lewis, Cortney Strube, Ronald Villegas, TIPA, honorable mention, magazine story package Camila Andres, TIPA, first place, opinion page design and honorable mention, page one design Laura Flores, TIPA, honorable mention, feature page design Marissa Walker, Keely Doering, TIPA, first place, photo illustration Lana Blocker, TIPA, honorable mention, editorial cartoon Keely Doering, TIPA, first place, single subject presentation and honorable mention, information graphic Andrew Chavez, TIPA, first place, sports feature story; third place, editorial and honorable mention, sports action photo Julieta Chiquillo, TIPA, third place place, on-site Spanish news reporting Valerie Hannon, TIPA, honorable mention, on-site news reporting PUBLICATIONS STAFF AWARDS * Image magazine: SPJ, first place, best student magazine TIPA, sweepstakes award TIPA, first place, overall excellence

* DailySkiff.com: SPJ, first place, best affiliated Web site TIPA, first place, best affiliated Web site

* TCU Daily Skiff: SPJ, best all-around daily student newspaper (published at least 4 times per week) TIPA, second place, best of show TIPA, third place, overall excellence TIPA, first place, best special section/issue TIPA, third place, editorial College Newspaper and Business Managers (CNBAM), second place, best sales promotion materials CNBAM, third place, best training program; Texas Associated Press Managing Editors (TAPME), honorable mention, best daily newspaper