Less popular sports deserve same attention, amenities

A new building will house players and coaches of some of TCU’s less-recognized Horned Frog teams.

The track, soccer, rifle and golf programs, which are often overlooked for more popular sports like football, baseball and basketball, will finally have a place to call home.

Putting these teams and coaches together in one building will increase camaraderie among the sports and will help build a more cohesive athletics department.

Although they may not sell out stadiums or bring crowds of tailgaters to campus, these teams deserve the quality facilities that TCU offers its other sports.

The Worth Hills Olympic Building, which is currently in the design stages, is a much-needed facility on a campus whose athletics fields and practice areas are widespread.

The facility will lessen the cross-campus commute for coaches, like the ones for soccer and track, whose offices are currently located in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum – a lengthy walk from the coaches’ respective fields.

But beyond its convenience, the facility should serve as a nod of recognition to teams that are deserving of praise. The rifle team, for example, finished third nationally this year, but the head coach’s office is located in the rifle range, isolated from other teams.

At a school that has filled up a 46,000-seat football stadium, smaller teams are often swept to the side and ignored. But in its answer to a call for new facilities, the athletics department is giving space to the teams that really need it, even if they don’t bring the big crowds home.