Cheers, jeers 2008

Cheers to the athletics department for ending the Neil Dougherty era. Six years and 108 losses later, they got the point. The cliche is true, nice guys finish last.

Jeers to the TCU Board of Trustees for moving a symposium honoring the Rev. Jeremiah Wright off campus. Because of the university’s decision, students missed out on what would have been a great opportunity to see a controversial national figure.

Cheers to political activism during the primaries. Now, if we could only get that kind of turnout for SGA elections …

Jeers to the closing of Edens and Deco Deli on campus. Not only did the university erase the phrase “what spread, baby?” from our vocabularies, it laid off five workers and did not leave them with many options.

Cheers to the new hot dog stand. Thanks for bringing dollar hot dog day from the ballpark to campus (minus the dollar part, though, that would be great, too).

Jeers to Texas’ awful primary system. People are still dizzy from that “Texas two-step.” Mastering the Billy Bob’s version is easier any day of the week and results in less dizziness.

Cheers to TCU for not letting construction setbacks significantly delay completion dates. No pile of rubble in the end zone is going to stop high rollers from watching games in style.

Jeers to the Higher Education Act for cutting off college students nationwide. If paying for college wasn’t hard enough, it just got harder.

Cheers to the university for increasing financial aid. Thanks for helping to pick up the slack from the government.

Jeers to JuicyCampus and its promotion of middle school-type gossip on college campuses. The social utility of this site is about as useful as a white crayon.