School spirit, enthusiasm should not be overlookedSchool spirit, enthusiasm should not be overlooked

Go Frogs! This phrase has become a daily part of my life – so much so that whenever I’m writing papers, I’ll just insert it over and over until I can think of what it is I really want to say. While I do love interjecting this phrase into random moments throughout the day, it’s not just a phrase that has become a part of my vocabulary. Rather, it is TCU that has become a part of me, in everything that I do.

The opportunities and experiences I’ve had at TCU are more than any college student should be allowed to have. Throughout my time here, I have learned quite a bit. For what it’s worth, here are a few things I would recommend to everyone at TCU:

1. Study abroad. Do it. Hands down, it was the best thing I have done in college. If you can, go for a whole semester. It’s more rewarding to actually live in a different country and fully experience a whole new way of life. You’ll return to the states a more confident, appreciative and introspective person. Have you ever met someone who studied abroad and said it was “just OK” or that they didn’t like it? No. There’s a reason.

2. Appreciate and take advantage of the great people you meet. I’m pretty convinced that there’s something in the water at TCU that attracts awesome people. It seems every day, even now as I’m about to leave, I am meeting more and more people who I wish I had more time to get to know. You know how people say, “Don’t let opportunities pass you by?” Well my motto is: Don’t let awesome people pass you by. That should be printed on a T-shirt.

3. Focus on your good friendships. I know not everyone is as friend-oriented as me (which yes, I just made that word up), but I’d venture to guess that most people have at least two good friends at TCU. For me, the friendships that matter most are the ones that challenge me to be a better person. Find these people in your life and spend more time with them. Trust me; it’s much more rewarding than trying to make sure you’re seen at every party this weekend and next.

4. Don’t sleep so much. We all need sleep, yes. But, as another fun cliche goes – you can sleep when you’re dead. One of my favorite signs I saw in Frog Bytes was a Red Bull ad saying, “Because nobody wishes they slept more in college.” It’s so true. Try not to miss things because of sleep – including class.

5. Make people miss you when you’re gone. Leave some kind of legacy or impact on campus that when people see it, hear it or think of it, they’ll be reminded of you. I’m not sure if I’ve been successful in this, so Facebook me next semester when I’m gone and let me know.

There you have it, my senior words of wisdom. Perhaps I’ll succeed in making you miss me when you’re walking across the senior bricks for the Class of 2008, and you notice mine that says “Go Frogs!”

You’ll smile and think to yourself, “That kid’s crazy.”

And maybe I am. But I am happier now than I have ever been and have loved every minute at TCU. My wish is that each of you find yourself feeling the same whenever your time comes to leave TCU. It’s an incredible place with amazing people and opportunities. Don’t sleep through it or let any of it pass you by. Go Frogs!

Nick Timmins is a senior advertising/public relations major from Omaha, Neb.