Alumna gives back to university

When students need help landing a job, building a resume or finding other career advice, many turn to the University Career Services office, especially to Mary Kathleen Baldwin.

Baldwin, a TCU alumna, is the assistant director of marketing and events for Career Services, but does so much more, said her coworker Darin Ford, an associate director of Career Services.

“Anytime that you need a career adviser, she would be the one that I would want to go to,” Ford said. “She is the most inviting and comfortable presence that I have been a part of since I have been at TCU. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will happily find it for you – anytime, anyway.”

Baldwin said she feels comfortable at TCU and loves her job because she likes helping people.

In many ways, TCU has become a second home for Baldwin.

Her younger and only sister Molly Baldwin, also works at TCU in Student Development Services. Mary and Molly Baldwin have been close ever since they were children growing up in Louisiana together, and that bond has grown stronger because of their time together at TCU,

When Mary Baldwin was a senior, about to get her degree in international communications and Spanish in 2003, Molly Baldwin was a freshman, beginning her studies in international marketing.

“Mary and I used to meet every week and eat cookie dough together in Frog Bytes,” recalls Molly Baldwin.

She said her sister has been a mentor to her since they were students and she still goes to her sister for advice now.

It’s not only family that Mary is able to give good advice to, though. Senior advertising/public relations major Jessica Schiager works with Career Services and has experienced Baldwin’s helping hand.

Schiager is the Career Services’ marketing intern and has gotten to work directly with Baldwin.

“She has really helped me to grow in my abilities here at Career Services,” Schiager said. “The is willing to make time to help me whether it be the randomest questions.”

Schiager said working for Baldwin has been great because many of the professors know who Baldwin is from having had her as a student, and she thinks that helped Baldwin transition in well to working on the campus, because it made for a friendly and familiar environment. Students outside of career services have also found Baldwin’s help useful.

“I got help from her on my cover letter and resume,” said Victoria Maranan, a sophomore broadcast journalism major. “She gave me an overview of what I should or should not do. She was able to provide a professional point of view.”

Even with her busy schedule, Baldwin still makes time for her friends. Although fellow TCU graduate and Baldwin’s former roommate Rebecca Whitesell doesn’t live in Fort Worth anymore, she said she still keeps in touch with Baldwin.

“We still talk at least a couple of times a week,” Whitesell said.

She also credited Baldwin as being one of the nicest and most sincere people she has ever encountered. Whitesell said when she looks back at some of her fondest memories of TCU, Baldwin is a part of them.

Said Molly Baldwin of her sister: “She could motivate a dead dog to walk.”