Where is it now?



Freshmen might not be the only students who feel lost these next few weeks. In the last year, the face of campus has undergone changes so extensive even returning students might not recognize it, and more changes are still to come.

The Brown-Lupton Student Center is gone, and by this time next year the new Scharbauer Hall is expected to stand in its place. The offices it used to hold are scattered all around campus. Even the residence halls have changed, and they house different groups of students. Colby is the only single-sex residence hall on campus. Six – Colby, Foster, Milton Daniel, Moncrief, Brachman and Clark – are now freshmen only, said Craig Allen, director of Residential Services.

Here is a guide to finding it all:

Dining Plans

Frog Pass Silver- Unlimited swipes to Market Square and 100 Frog Bucks

Frog Pass Gold- Unlimited swipes to Market Square and 300 Frog Bucks

Frog Pass Platinum- Unlimited swipes to Market Square and 450 Frog Bucks

Limited Dining Plans

Frog Pass Limited- 50 swipes to Market Square and 250 Frog Bucks

Frog Pass Limited- 100 swipes to Market Square and 200 Frog Bucks

Off-campus and commuter students can buy one of the dining plans or add Frog Bucks to their ID card, which includes access to Market Square ($7 for breakfast, $8 for lunch and $9 for dinner).