Curriculum, campus additions diversify student experiences

TCU has added a new fancy dining hall and fully renovated, state-of-the art facilities to campus. But that’s not all. In addition to the new buildings, more academic programs have been introduced to enhance students’ education.

With the university growing at a rapid pace, it’s no wonder new programs are being added at the same rate.

The psychology department recently added a child development major. The new program allows psychology majors to specialize in working with children. Jackie Pennings, research coordinator for the TCU Institute of Child Development, said there was a demand in the department for the program.

TCU also added a certificate for international studies and a healthy aging minor. The certificate can be added to any major and is designed for students looking for academic experiences in international communities. The program will increase students’ communication skills and allow students to interact in a global stage, which is what TCU is all about. As for the healthy aging minor, students will become more aware of the needs of older adults.

Students need these opportunities, and it is up to the administration to promote them. Well done, TCU.

Those working toward adding more variety to career choices should be applauded for constantly taking advantage of new opportunities to campus. Expansion is what the campus needs and wants. For example, the number of students who enrolled in the non-degree petroleum land practices program has doubled since last fall.

The expanding curriculum allows students to broaden their horizons and develop a well-rounded mind.

Opinion editor Patricia Espinosa for the editorial board