Students share reactions on Market Square

After the first week of school, students are voicing their opinions about the new dining hall.

Legia Abato, the marketing manager of TCU Dining Services, said Market Square, the new all-you-can-eat dining option on campus, has enjoyed a successful opening.

“As openings go, especially when you are changing your format completely from what we had at the Main to what we have now, it’s actually been a very smooth opening,” Abato said. “We are very happy with it.”

While some students have made up their minds as to whether they are satisfied with the new system, others are still weighing the pros and cons of Market Square:

First impressions

Students both new and old are enjoying the surroundings offered by the new dining hall.

“I like it because you have a lot of options, and it’s brand new and clean,” said Rachel Laughbaum, a junior nursing major.

Other students said they appreciate being able to eat as much as they want whenever they want.

“I like the fact that it’s all you can eat so I can go back and eat more without having to worry about how much I’m spending,” said junior piano performance major Ade Robinson.


Most of the complaints about Market Square have centered on the large crowds at lunch. Despite the 600 seats inside and the 200 balcony seats outside, several students have found it difficult to find a place to sit or even get inside during the lunch rush.

“Right around lunch time, you wait 30 minutes to get into the building and then 30 minutes to get food and then you have to run off to class,” said Emilie Strozier, a sophomore communication studies major.

The initial rushes were expected, according to Abato.

“Within the first two weeks of school every year, we usually have this mad rush for the dining hall,” Abato said. “Once people start to regulate their time, the rushes won’t be as crazy.”

Food variety

Many students said they are pleased with the variety and the quality of the food at Market Square.

“It’s pretty good. They have a lot of choices, and you can maintain a well-balanced diet,” said Audra Ewert, a freshman fashion merchandising major.

Others still think there is room for improvement.

“Certain days they’ll have a great variety and then certain days, it’s just nothing,” said freshman radio-TV-film major JoBeth Hamon

Favorite station

Hungry students have already explored the seven different food stations Market Square has to offer. Oasis, the all-day breakfast station and salad bar, is an early favorite among students.

“The food is really, really good,” said freshman musical theater major Kelsey Milbourn. “I love that they have salads all the time.””