Tailgate well-attended despite reservations about new policy

Free food, drinks and face painting attracted crowds of students to the Frog Frenzy tailgate party at the Campus Commons on Saturday despite suggestions that the new tailgate policy would lower attendance at the party.

With radio favorites playing in the background, students mingled with friends and grabbed a quick bite at the party before making their way to the football stadium.

A couple of students who began line dancing soon turned into a group of about 30 in their purple Class of 2012 T-shirts.

The location

In addition to the free food and drinks, students said they enjoyed the party’s centralized location.

“It’s a lot more convenient here because it’s kind of in the center of everything,” said Amanda Goss, junior nursing major.

Others said it was a good use of the new University Union.

“It’s a perfect location,” said Claire Marston, freshman strategic communication and fashion merchandising major. “We’ve got the new Brown-Lupton University Union and the fountains over there. It’s a very prominent meeting place for TCU students.”

Senior psychology major Kaushal Amatya agreed.

“Everything is accessible, and the stadium is right across the street,” Amatya said.


Even though many attendants said they like the new location, students made suggestions to make the tailgate more appealing.

“The music could’ve been a little better,” said Katie Poe, a sophomore theater major.

Brian Lauderdale, a sophomore prebusiness major, said the tailgate needs more activities.

“Maybe a football game in the back,” Lauderdale said.

On alcohol

Some students contended that alcohol isn’t necessary to have a good time at a tailgate party.

“I don’t think alcohol makes it better,” said Amatya, who is over 21.

Caitlyn Murphey, junior radio-TV-film major who was helping at the face painting tent, said she knew students had expressed reservations about the tailgate because of the absence of alcohol.

“A lot of people don’t like it because they associate tailgates with alcohol,” Murphey said. “The people who are of age think it’s not fair to them because they are legal.”

Alternate gatherings

Hundreds of students chose to skip the tailgate altogether and instead went to Greek house parties and area bars for pregame celebrations.

Halo Lounge on University Drive had a crowd of about 100 people, most of whom filed out just before 6 p.m.

The Aardvark was like a sea of purple, with a crowd of more than 250 students spilling out into the street.

Students there said they would have preferred to be at the tailgate, but wanted to drink with their friends before the game. Some said they were concerned about friends who were driving to and from the Stockyards.

Personnel at both establishments declined to comment.