375 men continue tradition on Bid Day

About 375 men crossed over the TCU seal in Sadler Hall on Tuesday as a part of bid day for fraternities on campus.

Josh Schutts, Interfraternity Council adviser, said fraternities have crossed the TCU seal since Fraternity and Sorority Life started at TCU in 1955.

“It signifies that the fraternities are hopefully in line with the values of the institution,” Schutts said. “By crossing the seal, they understand that while they are part of their fraternity and their organization, they’re also a part of a larger institution, that is TCU.”

Schutts said 375 men registered this year compared to 349 last year.

“We also got 320 freshmen to register out of 575 freshmen males, which is about 56 percent of freshmen males,” he said.

Formal recruitment started a week later than last year because of Labor Day.

“We weren’t convinced we will get the turn out that we needed over Labor Day, since everyone, returning students and rushing, is on vacation,” Schutts said.