School’s namesake welcomed at book signing

Schools namesake welcomed at book signing

Returning to his Fort Worth roots, TCU alumnus Bob Schieffer signed copies of his new book, “Bob Schieffer’s America,” at the University Park Village Barnes & Noble on Wednesday. Schieffer, the longtime moderator of CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said he felt good to be back in Fort Worth and even ran into a few old friends at the event.

A line of about 100 fans formed just before the signing began at 1 p.m. Some were TCU students and alumni, others just longtime fans of Schieffer.

“What’s so nice about him is that he never forgot where he came from,” said Stubby Goodman, of Granbury. “He genuinely loves Fort Worth, and we love him.”

Schieffer posed for photographs with TCU journalism students, whose school is his namesake, and made conversation with fans of his commentaries.

Riki Shackelford, an alumnus, waited almost an hour to get her book signed, but said it was definitely worth the wait.

“I have been educated and entertained by Mr. Schieffer for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I feel privileged to actually meet him.”

When asked if he might consider teaching at TCU after his retirement, he smiled.

“I don’t want to commit to anything,” he said. “But I would like to become more involved with the school.”

Pat Schieffer, Bob’s wife of 42 years, said she doubts he will ever retire.

“He loves what he does,” she said. “I can’t imagine him doing anything else.”

After the public book signing, Schieffer attended an invitation-only event at the Brown-Lupton University Union.

Local television personalities such as CBS station KTVT’s former anchorman Tracy Rowlett and NBC 5’s Bobbie Wygant mingled with professors and university officials.

Wygant, who Schieffer has credited with helping launch his career, said she was preparing to fly to New York where Schieffer will receive a Lifetime Achievement

Award from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences on Monday.

“As a fellow professional, I would say that Bob epitomizes the very best of our profession,” she said.

Freelance journalist Betty Buckley, who has known Schieffer since the early 1960s, said Schieffer has created an incredible legacy for the city.

“Just like his brother Tom is an ambassador for the United States, Bob is an ambassador for Fort Worth,” she said. “Everywhere he goes, he represents us.”

Other notable guests included Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy and former Fort Worth mayor Kenneth Barr.

“Bob is a great Fort Worth success story,” Barr said. “He has been in the spotlight and connected with international news in so many ways and he is obviously very proud of his relationship with TCU.”