Tart yogurt store to open in October

Tart yogurt store to open in October

Students who want to make better eating choices are in for a treat. Two Fort Worth men are bringing the tart yogurt craze that has swept cities like Los Angeles and New York City to TCU.

Brock Widener and Chad Estes are co-owners of what will soon be Frogberry, located on Greene Avenue at the GrandMarc at Westberry Place next door to Perrotti’s Pizza. Frogberry, inspired by the thriving Pinkberry franchise, is a mixture of a health food store and a tart yogurt venue, Estes said.

Frogberry will offer several flavors of California tart-style non-fat yogurt with a myriad of toppings including fresh fruit and nuts. Frogberry will also carry items such as energy drinks, granola and smoothies.

“This is not just an ice cream store,” Estes said.

Widener said Frogberry is providing a way for those who make health-conscious eating decisions to indulge without hurting their healthy lifestyle.

“Why not make something healthy taste good?” Widener said.

In addition to healthy alternatives to traditional snacks, Frogberry is a green business, Meredith Shields, a TCU graphic design and advertising alumna, said.

The company is using all recyclable and organic products from the actual construction of the restaurant to the bowls and straws used. Widener said the business is in the process of choosing between sugar- and corn-based cups.

“In theory, if someone were to throw one of our containers on the side of the street, the container would eventually dissolve and not harm the environment,” Estes said.

Shields and Estes both grew up in Sherman, and Estes recruited Shields to help with designs and overall business consulting because of her experience starting a successful coffee bar, The Boiler Room, located in Sherman.

Shields said she is responsible for the logo, signs, menus and overall public relations and marketing for Frogberry. She is also helping to design the interior of the store, she said.

“I am the ‘go-to girl’ when it comes to aesthetics,” Shields said.

Frogberry is the flagship store for Estes and Widener. Estes said they plan to expand to other college areas after Frogberry is on its feet. Possibilities for other locations include University of North Texas, University of Texas at Arlington and Southern Methodist University.

“College students are the perfect customer because they are starting to adopt individual lifestyles,” Widener said. “We can help to shape that.”

Widener also said Frogberry is looking to have murals painted by TCU art students on the walls of the store to incorporate the community into the store.

“We want to be in the vein of the community,” Widener said.

Sophomore ranch management major M.C. Barr said she is looking forward to something new with Frogberry.

“It will be great to have something like this so close,” Barr said. “I’ll be there all the time.”

Widener said Frogberry will be open for business sometime in October.