Judicial Board appointments leave trio of Greek brothers

The Student Government Association House of Representatives approved two new members of the Judicial Board in Tuesday’s meeting despite reservations about how three of the five board members belong to the same Greek organization.

President Thomas Pressly nominated representatives Alex Carr and Chad Dresser, whose approval required a two-thirds vote from the House. Dresser is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and is the third board member from the fraternity.

During the meeting, Student Relations chair Justin Brown raised questions about how the majority of board members is part of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Brown questioned what would happen if a conflict with an outside member of the fraternity were to come before the board.

Pressly said the selection of Dresser had nothing to do with his Greek affiliation. Pressly, a member of the fraternity, said he believes the board members’ Greek affiliation will not impair them in making fair decisions.

The nominees were approved with one opposition vote from Brown and nine abstentions, which is more than double the number of abstentions in a single vote the House has seen all semester.

Pressly also nominated representative Rusty Roeger to be appointed as the Judicial Board’s Chief Justice. Roeger, one of the three Sig Ep members, was approved with two abstentions.

The House also passed a resolution to support the expansion of the storage space for students’ e-mail accounts. The resolution, written by Brown and Science and Engineering representative Ido Farhi, supported the university’s efforts to increase the current 100 MB capacity for each student’s e-mail account.

Two other bills passed unanimously. The House passed a bill to make changes to the enforcement of campaign standards, as well as a bill to modify the requirements for the House to hand out finances to university organizations.