Letter to the Editor: Alert system not laughable matter

I am writing in response to Bruno Bruelhart’s satirical column, “Alerts a ploy to control minds” in Friday’s Skiff. Many people I spoke with about his column were appalled that a student deemed it appropriate to comment on a topic as serious as campus safety lightly. I feel compelled to write on behalf of many people’s opinion of this weak attempt at humor.

The writer called the university’s alert system a “Big Brother-esque type of uniformity and obedience.” I am curious if he truly understands the logic behind these alerts.

Campus safety is not a topic to be taken What about the deadly shooting at Virginia Tech? How about the two students who were killed on the University of Central Arkansas campus Sunday? Such incidents are becoming far too regular, and TCU is doing its best to prevent such tragedies.

Our university is trying to keep everyone safe and communicate updated information. Last week was the third time the alert system was put to use, and only the second time it has been tested in the two years since its implementation. The Office of Communications plans to test the system once per semester.

I am sure that “Supreme High Chancellor Victor Boschini” does not sit in a dark office trying to figure out how to control our minds. Rather, he ensures he and his staff keep the TCU community safe. If you had done your research, you would have known it was not his office that orchestrated the testing of the alert system.

If you feel your phone was “hijacked,” perhaps you should take your number off TCU’s list. That way, you won’t be “bugged” with the university’s “commands” to not show up for school in case of inclement weather. Then again, maybe you should leave your number on the list so you don’t have to go outside and see rain boots.

Katie Giangreco is a senior broadcast journalism major from Apple Valley, Minn.