Horned Frog athletes deserve more support

There is no reason why attendance at home sporting events should be as low as it is.

The football team is having one of its best seasons since the last national championship year of 1938, and the stadium is nearly half empty.

The game against Brigham Young University was awesome, mostly because the atmosphere created by the fans, and there is no reason that support can not be duplicated for every home game.

The volleyball team is having one of its best years, also. The team is 17-6 overall and 6-4 in conference, but 8-2 at home. And still fans only show up when they are promised some TV time and free shirts. A record-setting 1,036 fans showed up for last week’s match, a loss to San Diego State, but just two days later, 605 fans showed up for Saturday’s win against UNLV.

At Monday’s Wilson/ITA Southwest Regional championship, which featured a TCU team in the doubles final and a TCU player in the singles final, had maybe 20 fans in the stands. That number includes teammates and coaches from the other schools.

Now basketball season is right around the corner, and the attendance for those games has never been good.

The teams haven’t gotten much respect from fans in recent years, but it is a new era in the men’s basketball program with new coach Jim Christian. The women’s team had been to the NCAA championship tournament the last seven years before going to the NIT last season. So, there is no reason not to get out there and support your teams.

Sports Editor Billy Wessels for the editorial board.